Get the Best Endurance Training in Kansas City

KC Endurance is meant for walkers, runners, and triathletes who want group, 1-on-1, and online coaching service in the Kansas City area and are looking to improve their fitness for events ranging anywhere from a local 5k to marathon distance. In an ideal world, a cookie cutter program would work well for everybody. However, managing work, kids, weather, and even vacation time can all wreak havoc on the best training schedules, making that training program you got from a book or website difficult to follow.

With KC Endurance, you will have unlimited contact through email, text, over the phone, and through our Training Peaks Software with a coach that cares about your progress and will work with your busy schedule to get the most out of your training and racing needs.

Also, for local Kansas City runners, get the help of a coach to push you in workouts on and off the track. Have a pacing partner for the track workout that you just don’t feel like doing yourself. If you are chronically injured, get 1-on-1 strength and flexibility workouts tailored to work on any weaknesses related to running.

Everybody could use a coach in their corner. Have somebody to keep you accountable, set goals, and praise your results. If you are a walker or runner in Kansas City, contact KC Endurance today to get help with your training and racing needs.